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Offramp Photo and Film

Documentary Photography and Videography

Your Wedding Day as it happened. No prompting, posing or directing, just real moments captured on photo and film. I have a low profile approach to weddings and it is only myself that takes the pictures and does the filming.

Photo: Known as documentary or reportage photography, I tell the story naturally with pictures, following my instincts to anticipate a moment and get to the heart of the day. Whilst yourselves and your guests enjoy the day I will always be there in the background to creatively capture those moments you may never have seen. I do also encourage some form of formal photography; a few group shots will be invaluable in the years to come.

I shoot with Sony digital cameras but with a mind towards timeless film photos, using natural light wherever possible. Grain is good, grain means the camera and the photographer are doing the work with little or no flash being required. My cameras are small and my lenses are short, allowing me to get into the moment and capture its reality. 

Film: approach the day in the most unobtrusive way possible, filming the major events in their entirety along with many of those magical moments that only film can bring back to life. 

Photo and Film: Although I am happy to work in just one medium or the other for your day, I also provide a 50/50 option to give you the best of both worlds.


Photo: I normally arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony to capture some preparations before moving onto the ceremony venue. With permission of the minister or registrar, I will then discreetly capture some moments from the ceremony. Then onto the reception and the speeches and into the evening party. I stay long enough to capture some of the action on the dance floor. 

Price: For £850 you will receive approximately 300 images on USB stick as high-resolution for printing and low-resolution for uploading. You will also receive an online password-protected gallery where reprints can be ordered. (Albums are also available, please enquire for details).

Film: I normally arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony to set up. I will then look to capture the arrivals on film before filming your ceremony. I will then film the highlights of your reception, all of the speeches and your first dance.

Price:For £850 you will receive a highlights film of around 8-10 minutes, the ceremony, the speeches and first dance. You will also receive some deleted scenes and a video diary if requested. Your highlights film will go online for you to share and you will receive copies of everything on DVD, Blu-ray and as MP4s on a USB stick.

Photo and Film:  A unique option where I take photos and film for you. Ideal for those wanting to get a flavour of both mediums without having to employ 2 separate individuals.

Price: For £1500 you will receive approximately 150 photos as both high-resolution and low-resolution files on a USB stick plus an online gallery. In terms of film, I will create a short highlights film of approximately 5-7 minutes in length as well as film all of your ceremony, speeches and first dance. The highlights film will be shared alongside your online gallery as well as you receiving copies of everything on DVD, Blu-ray and MP4.


"A sincere thank you for your fantastic service. You went above and beyond on the day. Our guests commented that you were completely unobtrusive which was wonderful."         

"We were very lucky to find you. We have been blown away by what you did for us."            

"You have captured our day so beautifully that words escape me. To say your services were the last thing we booked but the absolute best decision and use of money is no exaggeration." 

“Absolutely fantastic and I didn’t even notice you doing your job which keeps a bride feeling relaxed.”

“Unobtrusive and yet perfectly capturing the day with such flair and delicate creativity. Wonderful, simply perfect - an incredible reminder and stirrer of our wedding day."                                              

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